Four Reasons Why Alcohol Is Making You Feel And Look Middle-aged

Life is like a two-week vacation: after 40 you’re in the second week, and you know what that feels like.

Enhance your looks through a Hair Transplant in Jaipur

As soon as you notice a plug of hairs entangled in your hairbrush or on the shower floor, you may feel anxious and look out for various methods to control hair fall.

5 Tips to Improve Brain Functioning in Seniors

Studies show that the aging brain can continue to function actively and effectively as long as it is used and nourished properly and regularly. This means that even if a person is already past 60, it doesn’t mean that his or her memory and brain functioning will automatically diminish.

5+ Substitutes of Smoking

According to the recent survey, many people failed to quit smoking, which leads to many health issues. We all know that it will also cause the severe stuff like lung cancer whereas sometimes it will lead to death as well.

Best Outdoor Exercises for the Autumn Season

For many, September is the beginning of a new routine, either because of school or just because it’s the end of the relaxing summer. This means it’s time for many people to get into shape and create a healthier lifestyle.

Constantly on the Run? Then try this Quick &Easy Egg Recipe!

Proteins are known as the components of life: in the body, they breakdown into amino acids that promote cell growth and repair, which makes them perfect tools for helping rebuild muscle after a workout. They also take longer to digest than carbohydrates, helping you feel fuller for longer and on fewer calories – another plus for anyone trying to lose weight.

Short-Term Side Effects for HIV Medications.

The main aim of undergoing treatment for HIV is to fight the virus present in the body. While you need to do this in the most effective way, it is also necessary to minimize the side effects that are usually unpleasant and unhealthy.

Side effects of HIV medicines vary from one individual to another; while in one person the symptoms could be severe, you may see it being quite mild in another.

If you are undergoing a course of HIV treatment, it is best to consult your medical practitioner so that you can understand what you can expect and prepare for.

There can be many reasons for you to be feeling unwell apart from HIV itself, such as other medical conditions, infections, depression, stress, age, diet, and other drugs that you may be concurrently taking.

It is advisable to work with your caregiver to understand the reasons behind the symptoms so that you can try and make them less intrusive.

Never change the dosage of your HIV medications as this may make treatment more difficult.

Side Effects in the Short-Term
When you commence taking a new antiretroviral medicine, you may experience some side effects, which may be bothersome for some time but usually get better with the passage of time.

If the symptoms persist, it is advisable to consult your doctor. It is possible for most side effects to be managed by making lifestyle changes or by the change of the medicine or the dosage. Some common side-effects and how to tackle them:

To stop feeling tired, it is best to avoid working too hard and try and take brief naps when you’re feeling tired. Take more balanced meals and undertake gentle exercises to enhance your energy levels.

Get yourself tested for anemia that could be causing the fatigue. You can get all the medical supplies that you require by visiting the mybiosourse website.

Keep a watch and avoid the foods that seem to trigger the queasiness. Never have large meals but stick to smaller ones that you can have more frequently. After waking up, have a few crackers or plain biscuits.

Keep yourself hydrated and try to have small quantities of drinks containing ginger to settle your tummy. Avoid antacids unless approved by your doctor.

Avoid spicy foods and drink lots of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. If the situation needs to be countered with anti-diarrhea medicines proceed only after asking your doctor.

Headaches: The best thing is to apply a headache balm on your forehead and only have an OTC headache medicine if really required. Take plenty of rest, avoid bright lights and noise, and drink a lot of fluids to flush out the system.

Do not consume too much coffee or tea and also avoid eating too close to your bedtime. It is best to stick to the sleeping schedule you are accustomed to and avoid the temptation to nap during the day because of the fear that you will be awake all night.

Try a combination of a warm bath, warm milk, a massage, and even soothing music to relax you and bring on sleepiness.

Make it a point to avoid bathing in hot water for long and skincare products containing bleaches, harsh chemicals, or excessive alcohol. Apply moisturizing lotions and sunscreen on areas that are feeling dry and itchy.

Reaction at injection sites:
Consult with your medical practitioner if your technique of administering injections is at fault. Do not inject in the same places to enable your skin to recover. Warm the medicine by cupping it in your palms and apply an ice pack to the injection site afterward.

Weight loss:
If the weight loss is significant consult your doctor or a dietician who can give advice how to change your diet to counter the loss of weight. Protein shakes and other protein-rich food supplements may be recommended.

Many of the described symptoms may not have any relation to your HIV condition and the medicines that you may be taking for its treatment.

However, if you have symptoms that make you uncomfortable or if they persist for more than a few days, it is best that you consult your doctor and follow his advice.

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Isabella Rossellinee is a senior medical practitioner who has considerable experience of treating patients with HIV. She recommends the website of mybiosource as a good source of obtaining test kits and essential medical supplies.

How Jumping 10-Minutes A Day Can Make You Fit And Healthy

Did you know that jumping regularly has so many health benefits? Chance are, you did not. But don’t feel surprised at that as many among us are not aware about anyways.

We can’t believe that anything as simple as jumping can help us stay healthy and fit.

We had not believed it either had the same not be proved by a series of studies and researches in this aspect. Among them, a NASA studies in the early 70s perhaps proved the catalyst as it confirmed that jumping was indeed a beneficial exercise.

Jumping is fun and above all, it’s simple and does not involve any instrument. It’s a workout that suits people of all age groups, be it kids, teens or grown-ups. So start jumping to get fit and healthy with minimum fuss.

You should also know that -

Jumping is some three-time more beneficial than jogging or running

Jumping gives a boost to oxygenation to the cells in your body

When we jump, it has a positive effect on our G-force (the force created on the body due to acceleration or gravity)

It does not cause joint stress and that’s why it is more helpful that running in cement surfaces

Jumping involves all major muscle groups in the body and thus, helps the body as a whole

Health Benefits of Jumping
Jumping is perhaps the easiest and simplest exercise or workout to do on a daily basis and get lots of health benefits.

Here are some of those benefits -

Jumping does accelerate the pace of the lymph in the body and gives a boost to our lymphatic system

It helps in release of serotonin which is very helpful in fighting issues like stress and depression

It’s recommended by doctors in burn calorie and reduce body fat, which helps you have a slim body and fight off diabetes

Jumping gives aerobic effect for your heart and helps normalize blood pressure by preventing cardiovascular disease

When you jump, chances of obesity come down as the metabolism is stimulated

Jumping is very helpful in enhancing digestion and elimination process and it helps in relaxation as well

It keeps you away from a wide variety of pains including those in the neck, back, headache etc.

You can get yoga or meditation like calmness and benefits which often delivers superior mental performance

Those who jump on a regular basis are less likely to experience fatigue that the rest

It involves all major muscles in the act and thus, keeps your body flexible and supple

Studies have confirmed how jumping helps increase bone density and prevents arthritis

Jumping gives you improved coordination and you understand the body and its movements better

Jumping increases the white blood cells for 3 times and give a boost to your immunity system

You can fight the issue of weight with regular jumping and this is how you keep fit and get a toned body

In a nutshell, jumping is very beneficial workout and you should do it regularly to keep yourself fit and fine.

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Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. Currently, he is giving time to write for trampoline park UK

Top 10 Healthy DrinksFor Your Best Body

Trying to stay healthy without hitting the gym? Well, you needn’t worry much as you can do it with much ease. Wondering how? There are many health supplements that you will be tempted to try.

But, don’t! Instead, you should try some of the drinks that are completely natural and very healthy.

Here is a guide to the top 10 healthy drinks which you must try out and for what reasons.

Check these out and get inspired:

Green tea – One of the most popular beverages in the recent times, green tea is the best drink to detox your body.

Reason to drink – It reduces risk of cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. Green tea also has 0 calories which help you to lose the extra weight and this is one more reason to keep this drink on the top of your list.

Pomegranate juice – It has plenty of antioxidants that can keep you healthy and fit for years.

Reason to drink – A glass of pure pomegranate juice can keep heart diseases, inflammation and cancer away. Thus you will be able to remain young and healthy for long.

Cranberry juice – Filled with antibacterial properties, cranberry juice has the ability to fight urinary tract infections.

Reason to drink – Pure cranberry juice can protect you from periodontal disease. This drink can protect your gums from the harmful bacteria that tend to grow after eating food.

Orange juice – This is a very popular drink and something that you will want to drink every day. Drinking orange juice will give a perfect start to your day.

Reason to drink – Filled with quercetin and Vitamin C, orange juice will fight the seasonal allergies and keep your energized throughout the day.

Coconut water – Quite honestly, there is no alternative to drinking coconut water. Even sports trainers believe that there has not been any health drink that can substitute the qualities of coconut water.

Reason to drink – Coconut water has a high magnesium content that can revive the lost fluid of your body.

Beetroot juice – You may not like the taste initially, but it is very beneficial to maintain your overall health.

Reason to drink – Beetroot juice can boost your immunity system, increase stamina and lower the blood pressure.

Lemon juice – A glass of lemon juice a day will keep that extra fat away. Drinking lemon juice daily in empty stomach with lukewarm water is very healthy.

Reason to drink – In addition to making you slim, lemon juice can cleanse your liver and help in digestion as well.

Ginger tea – Another fantastic beverage, ginger tea that can be availed using the HealthKart is perfect for those who suffer from motion sickness quite often.

Reason to drink – Ginger tea is good for keeping upset stomach away. It relieves indigestion and nausea. Just add a few drops of honey to make it healthier.

Hot chocolate – Sounds surprising isn’t it? But it is true that hot chocolate is one of the healthiest of drinks that you can have.

Reason to drink – Filled with calcium, flavonoids and antioxidants, a cup of hot chocolate along with a spoon of cocoa powder will be best to keep cramps away.

Kale juice – Almost everyone knows about kale and its benefits in keeping one healthy. The dark leaves have the potential to keep you healthy and fat-free for a long time.

Reason to drink – Kale leaves have plenty of minerals and vitamins that can regulate your bowel movement and bone health.

Health drinks and drinks that are healthy are different. The above drinks are healthy and natural so are a must to be included in your daily diet. You will be greatly benefitted from these once you start drinking on a regular basis.

Medicinal Marijuana – Does it work?

Worldwide, marijuana is one of the most popular drugs and its effects on the human body are well understood.

Over the past few years, the United States has moved tepidly closer to legalizing it, first for medical use and then recreationally.

This slow walk toward legalization has led to increased research into the drug and its medical uses.

Support for marijuana legalization has grown over the past few years, and the percentage increases every year. Some states have already legalized marijuana – many for medical use and some for recreational.

As it becomes less stigmatized, there are an increasing number of doctors who are able to help people use it in a safe and efficient way. If you are looking to start, talk to a doctor about how you can use cannabis safely.

Of course, it’s not as well-studied as most other medications, due to its illegal status in many places around the world.

In fact, it’s historically been harder to receive government approval to study marijuana than to study the psychedelic drugs:magic mushrooms, and LSD.

In the past 25 years, scientists discovered that the body naturally has receptors in the brain that produce cannabinoids. They also learned that they play a major role in mood, the immune system, and memory.

Cannabis contains two primary active compounds – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). There are many others as well. THC is very similar to anandamide, a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that can also be found in chocolate.

It’s responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. CBD is less understood but appears to reduce anxiety and inflammation.

Because of the wide range of neurotransmitters that can be impacted by cannabis use, its effects on the body differ depending on the dosage and strain and are very diverse. Finding the best strain and dosage for an individual’s medical use requires trial and error.


Anxiety is a common side effect of marijuana use, but it’s usually a result of taking too large of a dose. You cannot overdose on cannabis, but people often experience paranoia and nausea. It’s entirely possible to avoid these adverse side effects when caution is exercised.

Marijuana can lower a person’s blood sugar, which can lead to a wide variety of symptoms. That’s why it’s a good idea not to use it on an empty stomach.

Marijuana has been bred for high yields and high potency so it can be very strong. However, the positive impacts of the drug are present inlow doses, while today’s varieties make it easy to take too much.

Despite the power of today’s strains, it is possible to experience medicinal benefits without the mind-altering effects.

How to Ingest


Smoking marijuana, whether by a pipe or joint, is one of the most popular methods of ingestion. Just a couple of inhalations can lead to people feeling the effect, although it might take some practice for people who have never smoked before.


Heating cannabis to a point where it vaporizes and the smoke can be inhaled has been found to be better for use indoors and better for lung health.

It’s become a very popular alternative. It’s less dense than smoke but more concentrated, so it’s easy to take too much.


Edibles are another popular alternative. By dissolving marijuana into an oil and mixing it into food, people can avoid inhaling the dangerous smoke. Plus, eating it provides a longer lasting effect and is less likely to lead to taking too much.

It’s tough to manage the concentration of edibles, since regulating the amount of cannabis that dissolves into oil is difficult.

Plus, it takes time for the human body to digest the drug, so the effects are not noticed for a while. That’s why people should take care not to eat too much,

Cannabis Strains

There are many varieties of the cannabis species, and a number of them are psychoactive. However, most marijuana that people purchase is either Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica.

Many users have described significant differences in these two strains. For most, Indica is a depressant and Sativa is a stimulant. It’s very common for hybrids to be sold with the two combined.

Cannabis Sativa is best for use during the daytime. It is energizing and has stronger psychoactive effects.

This strain can alleviate ADHD, depression, and social anxiety. However, it can also lead to paranoia when too much is taken, especially by people who already suffer from anxiety.

Indica, on the other hand, leads to feelings of relaxation. It’s often recommended for calming purposes and pain relief, and can even be an alternative to Ambien or Xanax.

In the United States, some veteran’s organization are currently lobbying for PTSD to be included in the diseases that marijuana can be prescribed for.

It has a clear impact on memory, which can soften traumatic memories and help people process them. Many organizations have proposed studies on this, but they have not been approved yet.


There are some precautions that a person should take before using any drug, and those are no different for marijuana. These are a few that are particular safety suggestions for the use of cannabis:

Take care not to take too much. Start with a small dose, and be aware of the potency of the strain you’ve chosen to use.

Make sure that you’re full. Cannabis can cause blood sugar levels to drop, leading to anxiety, faintness, confusion, impatience, and a wide range of other symptoms. That’s why it’s important to eat first.

If you have a family history of schizophrenia or have experienced it yourself, do not take cannabis.

With the help of a doctor (and a few safety precautions), medical marijuana can be a great help to people suffering from a wide range of ailments.

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