Eat Healthy And Live Healthy This Year

How often did you fall sick in the previous year? How many appointments did you book with your physician? Were you regularly on prescription drugs? Another year has started, whatever your health condition was or is, you can attain better health.One thing we fail to realize is that there is a link between our habits and our health. People feel having good health is a matter of chance and which no one has control over. To others you must financially be stable to attain a better health. Though mankind cannot experience perfect health conditions in this present system of things, but it is possible to have an improved health and live a more productive health. Yes! You can improve your health and that of your family. You can increase the quality of your life and avoid needlessly shortening it. I have hear the statement "you are what you eat." In a sense this is true. Eating three times a day or eating expensive food doesn't mean eating healthy. You need to eat healthy foods. What we eat can save our lives as well as elongate them. Eat well and live long.

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I have therefore taken this opportunity to share a few tips on healthy eating.

All foods are edible but not all are healthy. Eating healthy foods means eating fresh foods and not processed foods. Fresh foods include fruits and vegetables. Expert claims they are a foundation of a healthy diet. Truly, fruits and vegetables are healthy foods. They are low in calories, rich in nutrients-vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers. Your meals should be balanced with a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains over meat and starches. Studies have suggested that "people who consumed little or no meat are have lower risk of contacting getting cancer and heart diseases. People who eat much are 20 percent more likely to develop cancer, especially if they eat a lot of red meat.

Reduce salt intake. "Much salt in your diet can lead to high blood pressure, osteroporosis and excessive stomach acid. Instead you can use more herbs and spices to cut down on salt. Do not always fry to reduce cholesterol.

Eat moderately. This means you do not eat too much. Over-eating could result to overweight and obesity. Obese people are at risk of developing diabetes. Cut down sugar intake. Commercially prepackage foods and drinks contain high sugar content.

Drink plenty plenty of water and other unsweetened liquids everyday. Water help flush out our system of waste products and toxins. Water also aids digestion, make for healthier skin, and promote weight loss.

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  1. great post!
    I am pro everything healthy! Healthy food is one of must haves too!
    Eventually food is one of few things that I put inside my body, so it has to be the best one!


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