Self Care Measures To Eliminate Body Odour

Just like bad breath body odour can have a negative side effect on a person social life. Body odour also known as bromhidrosis is the unpleasant smell the body give off when sweat is broken down into acid by bacteria that live on the skin. The sweat itself does not smell but comes from the breakdown of sweat by bacteria on the skin. Men are more likely to have body odour because they sweat more than women. Regularly eating spicy foods, being overweight, suffering from certain medical conditions such as diabetes or taking anti-depressant drugs can make an individual susceptible to have body odour. If you sweat too much you may also be susceptible to body odour. Body odour can occur in these body areas: feet, armpits, groin, pubic hair, hair, and other areas of our skin. Each person has his own unique body odour. Health, gender, diet and medication is responsible for it.

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The best way to avoid having body odour is to keep the body clean and dry. Take your bath every day, paying more the usual attention to areas that are likely to cause odour such as armpits, groin area and feet. Washing eliminate sweat and reduces bacteria presence in the skin. During hot weather you may need to bath or shower twice a day.

Daily using of an antiperspirant or deodorant can also help prevent body odour. Antiperspirants contain aluminum chloride, which reduces the amount of sweat produced by your body. Aluminum chloride will irritate the eyes so do not apply on the face. Deodorants work by using perfume to mask the smell of sweat. If you sweat excessively, using roll-on antiperspirants can be very effective. To prevent odour from the armpits you should shave regularly so that hair in your armpits doesn't not trap sweat and provides opportunity for bacteria to thrive. Clean after shaving by using alcohol or peroxide. Avoid using body cream that will make you sweat profusely.

Regularly change your clothes and socks and wash your clothes regularly. Wear socks that absorb moisture, socks that are made of natural fibres. Avoid wearing tight clothing. Always wear only natural fiber clothing like silk or cotton, such clothing allow air flow on the skin surface, this will keep your skin dry and reduce moisture for odour-causing bacteria to thrive.
Changing your diet will do a lot good. Limit your consumption of those foods/spices and drinks that can make your body produce smelling sweat such as onions, garlic, curry, alcohol or caffeinated drinks. If you are taking any prescription medication, consult your doctor, to address the underlying problem.

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