Aloe Vera Potency And Side Effects

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) is one of mankind's common medicinal plant. It has over 200 nutritional and medicinal active components. Aloe vera is a succulent plant that belong to the same family with garlic, tulips and onion; the Liliaceae (the lily family). Aloe vera have been used for more than 5000 years prior to our generation. The list of benefits of this plant is quite enormous.

Aloe vera
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*. Aloe speed up wound healing.

*. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

*. Aloe juice aid digestion and allow bowel movement.

*. It's a vermifuge, thus it get rid of worms in the body.

*. It is used to control constipation.

*. It can reduce glucose level in the body.

*. Topical application of the liquid treat skin problems such as sun burn, burns, abrasion, psoriasis, acne, eczema and pruritus.

*. It can be use as moisturizer and has anti-aging properties.

*. It is helpful in treating the gums by reducing inflammation and eliminating harmful bacteria. No wonder it is added in so many brand of toothpastes.

*. Aloe promotes hair growth and may protect the scalp from baldness.

*. It has also been used in curtailing ailments like stomach ulcer.

*. Aloe is used as laxative.

*. It is an antipyretic, thus can reduce or prevent fever.

*. It is antipuritic and so does relieve and prevent itching.

*. It also used as an astringent.

*. It detoxificate and also help boost the immune system.

Like conventional medicines and other potent plants, aloe vera should be use with caution. It is worth noting that aloe vera has sides effects. It can cause you to develop allergies. 

Side effects

*. Aloe latex can cause you to develop stomach ache and cramps.

*. Prolong usage can lead to heart disturbances and weakness of the muscle.

*. It can cause cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and uterine contractions which may lead to miscarriage.

*. It can cause abdominal pain in children below the age of 12.

*. It can also worsen piles (haemorrhoids), as it increases the risk of bleeding.

*. It can cause serious kidney problem.

*. It may cause liver problem though extremely rare.

*. It can aggravate problem associated with appendicitis.

*. It may cause complication on people suffering from hypoglycemia diabetes.

*. Aloe can cause skin irritation.

*. Prolong intake of aloe vera may cause dehydration and blood in the urine.

*. Frequent use of aloe vera may lead to hepatitis.

*. It causes drug interaction. Aloe vera may inhibit or increase the effects of some drugs.

*. It can lower potassium levels in the blood.

*. It can cause diarrhea when in high dose because of its laxative and purgative effects.

All of these side effects occur when aloe gel or latex is used internally and externally. Aloe latex is that yellow like fluid that flows from under the plant skin. Aloe gel is the fluid that flows from the centre of the plant skin.


*. Anyone suffering from haemorrhoids should avoid taking aloe vera orally whether it is in its natural form or in supplement.

*. Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid taking aloe gel or latex.

*. Avoid exposure to the sun following the application of aloe vera gel to the skin. It is photosensitive.

*. Oral intake of aloe gel or latex by minors should be prevented.

*. People with thyroid disorders should also avoid taking aloe vera internally.

*. If you experience side effects using aloe vera externally or internally, you should consult your professional healthcare provider.

*. Aloe vera gel may interact with other medicines so consult your healthcare provider when using aloe during medication.

*. Those who are allergic to plants like garlic, onions and tulips (those belonging to Liliaceae family) may develop allergic reactions after using aloe vera.

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  1. I'm really learning a lot from your blog. Nice work. I use aloe vera gel for my face and hair care regimen. Never knew it has side effects. Now I know


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