Healthy Foods That Reduces Belly Fat

What is happening these days? So many pregnant ladies but no babies inside the womb. More men too are showing signs of pregnancy with bulging belly. All of it is as a result of belly fat around the abdomen. It is not a new finding that too much belly fat can be dangerous to an one's health and can increase the risk of having health problems such as hypertension, metabolic syndrome, certain cancer types, memory loss and diabetes. To avoid these complications, drastic measures ought to be taken. One of such measures is engaging in regular exercise and the other measure is eating healthy foods that do burn belly fat. I'm not an advocate of weight loss or fat burning pills. Some of them may have negative side effects unlike eating fat burner foods. It is important that you avoid foods that contribute to bulging belly. You should avoid eating sugary beverages, junks, fast food and processed food.

Belly Fat
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Food you should eat in eliminating belly fat are;
Apples: Apples are excellent for reducing belly fat. They are packed with fiber, which makes the belly feel full without having to eat more. Apples are enriched with powerful antioxidants and contain the compound pectin which helps to reduce the fat around the abdomen and entire body. Berries also contain pectin and therefore are good in reducing belly fat. Pectin makes the body release fat deposits and limit the amount of fat the body absorb.

Tomatoes: I can't stop emphasizing on tomatoes, So many health benefits. Studies have shown that tomatoes can prevent diseases such as cancer and can be use for skin treatments. Tomatoes are acidic in nature, thus they are ideal fat burning food one should consume when trying to lose belly fat and also stay healthy. In shortest time possible, they will give you effective result.

Garlic: Garlic is another healthy food with immense health benefits. Garlic has the compound allicin that help to reduce belly fat and eliminates unwanted cholesterol from the body. Adipogenisis is the process of making fat by the body. Garlic inhibit this process. Mere chewing 2 cloves of garlic daily in the morning can have a positive effect in losing body fat.

Almonds: Almonds are super rich in fiber and will make you feel full in no time. Eating almonds as snacks will help you burn more belly fat. Almond has high protein content that helps in the development of lean muscle mass.  They aid proper digestion and healthy bowel movement. This help to prevent bloating and all other processes that makes the body accumulate fat. Almond also stabilizes blood sugar levels and limits bad cholesterol  accumulation.

Cucumber: Cucumbers are wonderful food, good for the skin, eyes and losing weight. Cucumbers are rich in fiber and will fill up your stomach. They have 95% water content.  Cucumbers are low in calories. One full cucumber contains just 45 calories, which make them ideal food for losing weight. Eating cucumber can make one cut down on body fat more efficiently and lose weight faster.

Oats: Oats are low in calorie and provide energy to the body and reduces the body cholesterol. They are packed with fiber that make one feel full, so you resist the urge to eat more. They regulate the cholesterol level in the body which limits the accumulation of fat by the body, thereby reducing belly fat.

Green tea: Green tea is another effective fat burner. It does increases the body metabolic processes, this makes it possible to reduce fat from the body. The antioxidant in green tea help to stabilize the body weight.
Beans: For some people, isn't what they like. Some complain of heart burn when they eat beans. Beans can make you fart. Lol! But they also do more good to the body. Beans are high protein and can help flatten belly and reduce belly fat. I'm a living testimony of this fact. Those who know me well can acknowledge it. Beans will help you feel full, so it is less likely you will over-indulge in eating.

Honey: Honey is one of the oldest natural food used for healing purpose. Honey is sweet but not the same as sugar. It is among top foods that aid in burning belly fat. Adding honey in warm water and drinking every morning will do the wonders you never expected in few days.
Note.: Belly fats has nothing to do with your entire body size. Even slim people can have bulging belly. It is much easier to lose fat in other body areas than the belly, so you should endeavor to lose belly fat in no time to stay fit and healthy.


  1. Lol @so many pregnant women but no babies in the womb. Thanks for blogging about the foods that can help eliminate belly fat. I hope they work for me because I have been trying to lose belly fat for years, and I've combined it with exercise (I;ve cut out some foods as well. Will try and give you feedback. Once again, thanks ever so much

  2. Thnks for d information, I pray dey work for me.

    1. You should also avoid foods that will make you to develop bulging belly

  3. How do I go about with slimming fat calves? I as a guy have fat calves & i hate it, plus i feel its preventing me from growing taller. Makes me weird. I even thot of blood remuval but dnt think dat will work. pls help.

  4. How do I go about with slimming fat calves? I as a guy have fat calves & i hate it, plus i feel its preventing me from growing taller. Makes me weird. I even thot of blood remuval but dnt think dat will work. pls help.

  5. wow! great foods indeed, tomato is really the best i think.

  6. very informative, Green tea & Apple for me works best for reducing belly fat.

    1. It good to know that both green tea and apple works for in reducing belly fats

  7. Oh, I think I will try the honey aspect,
    Tomato- does dat work too ? didnt know, Love tomatoes dou and eat them randomly and my sis would be like...........hey are u for real.
    Used apples, they re nice.
    Green tea a NO NO for me.
    Garlic, .................maybe in steaming , but chewing raw NAAA
    Oaths works sha without sugar and milk dou.
    Nice article


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