High Blood Pressure: Prevention And Control

Blood pressure is the force blood exerts against blood vessels walls. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). In reading blood pressure, two numbers are obtained. The first which is the systolic blood pressure is the blood pressure during the heartbeat (systole). This happens when the left ventricle of the heart contracts and the second number is the diastolic blood pressure which indicates blood pressure while the heart is relaxed (diastole). A person is said to have high blood pressure if the arteries are receiving too much pressure repeatedly. Normal blood pressure reading is usually for systolic 90-119 mmHg and for diastolic 60-79 mmHg. A person is said to be hypertensive when his blood pressure is above 140/90.

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High blood pressure can lead to various complications and increase the risk of stroke and heart diseases. Many people do not know they have high blood pressure because they may not experience any symptoms. For some they manifest symptoms and this may include persistent headache, blurred vision, nausea, chest pain, dyspnea and nose bleeding.

What causes high blood pressure?
Many factors are involved. Some these factors can be control while some cannot be control. Family history can be responsible. If a person has relatives with high blood pressure there is increased risk of suffering from the disease. This genetic factor cannot be control. Age is another factor. The older your are the higher the risk. Although these days cases of hypertension have been recorded among younger adult and children. High blood pressure is more observed in black males and is more common in older males than older females. But at certain age both sexes are equally susceptible.

Factors that can be control that does lead to high blood pressure are enumerated here. Smoking can cause hypertension. Smoking shrink the blood vessels causing high blood pressure. Sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activities also contributes to high blood pressure. Consuming too much salt can boost high blood pressure. Consuming food with excess fats will make the internal walls of the blood vessels to clog with cholesterol, thus reducing their caliber and increasing blood pressure. Obesity, mental stress, excessive alcohol indulgence are other factors which can be control that does leads to high blood pressure. Some drugs can also boost blood pressure such as antacids high in sodium, nasal decongestants etc.

Prevention And Control
knowing the possible factors that can cause hypertension, what should be done?
*. Reduce salt intake.
*. Cut down alcohol consumption.
*. Quit smoking.
*. Avoid foods with high fats.
*. Avoid being overweight.
*. Avoid chronic stress both mental and physical.
*. Exercise regularly.
*. Avoid medications that can aggravate blood pressure.
*. Eat foods with high potassium and calcium, they help lower blood pressure.

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In summary, always check your blood pressure regularly and maintain a healthful lifestyle. Keep your blood pressure under control and live long!


  1. Very informative post. It is good to gain wider knowledge on HBP at this stressful time. Thanks so much for writing on it.

  2. Great information...particularly in that HBP has been known to be the silent killer. Thankfully I am not afflicted, but most of that is largely due to luck genetics:)

  3. Thanks for this very important reminder on blood pressure and keeping it in check.

  4. Good information to reduce blood pressure.

  5. Great info as I battle high trigylcerides but maintain a healthy blood pressure. Plus I didn't know that certain OTC drugs could aggravate HBP like antacids.

  6. Hi; this is a good reminder for all of us. high blood pressure has often been called a silent killer because like you mentioned people can have it and not know they have it. before i had gastric surgery i weighed over 500 pounds and had to take meds for high blood pressure high colestorol, gout, etc. now i am down to 255 pounds at 6 ft 4 in the top of the healthy range according to the bmi chart. I see my physician regularly and have good blood pressure. I also recently had a colonoscophy so you might want to follow this one up with a reminder about colon or prostate cancer awareness. thanks for sharing, max

  7. Your information was useful. I think I pretty much follow all except "Avoid chronic stress both mental and physical" Stress is so hard to eliminate in your life. Checking your blood pressure regularly will help you keep an eye on yourself.

  8. The information from this blog is very important. I know high blood pressure is a serious matter and we all should do what we can to try to lower it, not just for us, but for our loved one who care for us. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have known about HBP and how it's called the silent killer. I've been fortune to have normal blood pressure with little to no variance. That's partly due to my genes and paying attention to my health.


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