Undigested Food In Stool: When You Should See Your Doctor

When we eat food, it is expected that the food does its required functions for the body. This is possible by digestion and the unwanted portions are excreted. Sometimes the food we eat may not be properly digested and as such food particles are found in the stool. It shouldn't be strange when one experience undigested food in stool. There are some foods we eat that can be indigestible. These foods are high in fiber. Foods that contain high amount of fiber cannot easily be digested by the intestinal tract due to lack of enzymes. Enzymes plays a pivotal role in the digestion of food. When there is insufficient enzymes, food may be passed out undigested. Such foods that are super rich in fibers are carrots, corn, cereals etc. Other factors may also be responsible for undigested food in stool. They may include bacterial, viral or parasitic infection and side effects of drugs during medication.

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Though it is normal to see undigested food in stool, one should never overlook it when it is accompanied with these clinical manifestations: nausea, abdominal cramp, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, bloating, fever and depression. You should see your doctor who will decide the best treatment plan for these manifestations. Undigested food in stool can be prevented by drinking more water often, eating foods low in fiber. Examples are rice, banana, apples. You should avoid eating foods with fats and strong spices. Chew your food properly. Do not drink beer, carbonated  and caffeinated drinks. You should also avoid eating gas-forming foods like cabbage. Consuming more of probiotics  will be beneficial, it will increase the intestinal flora. You may also need digestive supplements but your doctor will decide which is appropriate for your condition.


  1. Nice write up. yeah fibers dont digest due to lack of enzyme. fiber is good for our health too. nice one takia

  2. This is a great post bro. Thanks so much for writing about it. Very informative


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