How You Can Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is the most difficult quest for one who is engraved in the habit. Once a person starts smoking, it become so difficult to quit. Tobacco can be termed as a very "addictive drug." Why so? Drug as defined is "any chemical substance, whether of natural or synthetic origin, which can be used to alter perception, mood or psychological states." Tobacco does perform these functions. Why do people smoke and why is it so difficult to quit smoking? Tobacco contains a powerful poison and yet addictive substance called nicotine. Tobacco products are used in different forms. They can be in form of bidis, cigars, kreteks or clove cigarettes, pipes, smokeless tobacco, water pipes (bongs, hookahs, narghiles, shishas). Cigarettes is the most common tobacco product. It contains over 4,000 chemicals. Of these chemicals, 43 are known to cause cancer. Cigarette main active ingredient is nicotine, this is why it so difficult for a smoker to quit.

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People smoke for different reasons. Some people smoke to ease anxiety and depression. For others, it is just a habit they developed as a result of peer pressure. For some, they were influenced by the lifestyle of so-called popular movies and music stars who live seemingly happy life using drugs and alcohol, tobacco inclusive.

There are so many reasons a smoker should quit smoking. Tobacco endangers your health. It increases your chances of contracting diseases such as cancer, emphysema, high blood pressure, chronic bronchitis, stroke and heart attack. Smokers endangers the lives of their families and loved ones. Children to parents who smoke are likely to suffer from bronchitis or pneumonia. Likewise pregnant woman who smoke can endanger the life of the unborn child. Smoking can drain you financially. Smoking gives you bad breadth and body odour. It makes you less appealing.

Benefits of quitting smoking
*. You live a healthier and longer life.
*. You reduce the risk of developing lung cancer, heart attack and other tobacco related diseases.
*. You smell better, no more bad breath and tobacco-causing body odour.
*. Your food will taste better and you will feel happier.

How you can quit smoking
First of all, to quit smoking, you must have the desire to leave the habit. Self examine yourself to know the reasons for wanting to quit, and what you tend to gain if you eventually quit. You need to identify the reasons 'why you smoke', 'when you do smoke' and 'where do you smoke'. After cross examination, you can now set a date you choose to quit and from the onset start planning toward that quit day. You must get rid of lighters, ash trays and anything that is associated with tobacco smoking.  Furthermore, you should clean your room and clothes to eliminate all tobacco smell. Seek the support of family and trusted friends. Let them know about your decision to quit smoking. You should also approach ex-smokers for help on how they did successfully quit smoking. Set up a plan to engage in wholesome activities on your quit day. You may choose to arrange with family and friends to go to places where smoking is restricted.

Going through these suggestions, it may look easier to quit smoking, but it isn't because after quitting you will have to deal with withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms may include anxiety, depression, insomnia, sweating, coughing, restlessness, irritability, weight gain, lack of concentration, impatience, hostility, increased appetite, and a craving for cigarettes. Medications that help ease these withdrawal symptoms exist, your healthcare provider should decide if you will need any medication for these symptoms. There are things, you can do to fight withdrawal symptoms. Work on your diet, eat low calorie foods and drink plenty of water. Exercise regularly to prevent weight gain and nervousness.

Negative feelings can overrode your decision to quit smoking. You may be tempted to try it just once. "0nly once can't be bad", But in reality just once will lead to another. Do not reason that there are smokers who are living longer than non smokers. These thought can make you feel you can be an occasional smoker. Another thing you should do, is to avoid triggers.  Abstain from alcohol and stay away from places where it is served. Alcohol can impair your sense of judgement. Stay clear from friends who smoke or anyone inviting you to smoke. You will find joy and satisfaction after you successfully quit and become an ex-smoker.

Note: Some medications for withdrawal symptoms have potential side effects, such as nausea, depression and suicidal thoughts. The best way to quit smoking is to go cold turkey by abruptly leaving tobacco use without the aid of drugs.


  1. I quit smoking (2 packs a day) years ago and am so glad I did. But I also realize it's a hard habit to break and would take advantage of such medications as the patch if Imwere doing so today.

  2. Yes!!!!
    Smoking is injurious to health.
    It need a strong determination to quit smoking, I am happy that I have never even hold a burning cigarette in my hand, my husband had this habit when we got married but with my efforts he is away from this disease now.
    I hate its smell and it makes me sick. I hope people will have more awareness and will quit something that is totally useless.

  3. Thanks so much for this post. I do not smoke but I can imagine how difficult it is for people who smoke as it is very addictive - it requires will power. Will share the above tips with my patients

  4. I wonder why do people still smoke despite repeated warning that smoking kills. I guess it because they are trapped in the habit.

  5. I'm a smoker, and I've tried to quit a couple of times. Now I have asthma, and often have trouble breathing. Yet, I enjoy smoking, and have no plans to quit.

    One year, I tried the patch. It left red marks all over my body, as you cannot use the patch in the same place until the redness goes away. I still smoked while wearing it, but not nearly as much. Instead of 30 cigarettes per day, I think I smoked 6. It's the nicotine that makes smoking so addictive. I'd chew gum, but I have false teeth.

    I would like to quit one day, but I lack the willpower. :( And I know it.

  6. Sometimes the best thing for you, is the hardest thing to do. Being able to stop smoking is something to be proud of.


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