How To Manage Stress Effectively

Everyone will experience stress at one point of their live. Stress affects everyone both young and old, male and female, workers and students. Stress can affect one in so many ways. Stress in itself is not bad, it can make us perform under pressure and gear us up to meet a challenge. Have you ever wonder how you were able to perform a seemingly difficult task in the shortest nick of time? It was stress! Stress stimulate the emergency hormone adrenaline that enabled you carry out that task on time. However, stress become harmful when it has negative effects on our health. When stress is at the peak, the body releases hormones that increases the heart rate, breathing and blood pressure, sweating and muscle tense.

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Stress may be short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic), and can be a threat to our physical and mental health. Chronic stress can cause health disorders. It can suppress the immune system, hasten the aging process. Others problems related to stress are depression, sleep problems, heart disease, abnormal weight gain or loss, kidney failure, fertility problem, skin problems, emotional exhaustion, increased aggression and deteriorating relationships.

Stressor is the stimulus that causes stress. We all have our own  different stressor. The key to dealing with stress is identifying the underlying cause. For some people, working long hours, high demanding job, school assignments, traumatic experience, insecurity and anxiety can trigger stress. While others may be as a result of fear of what may happen that is yet to happen. Sadly, to cope with stress some people indulge in alcohol drinking, tobacco smoking and drug abuse. Spending too much time in front of the television set or computer is a habit some people also develop in trying to cope with stress. Others result to abnormal eating patterns or yell at people for little or no reason. These habits can never relief anyone of stress but rather compound the problem.

There are healthier ways to manage stress. You need to deal with your mindset, know your limitations and set realistic goals. You cannot do everything you wish to do. Learn to assign tasks or seek assistance from reliable individuals. Learn to confide in others, people you can trust. It reduces emotional burden. Stop being overly anxious, too much anxieties can drain you emotionally, thus increasing your stress level. Fear is a common  constant in human lives, but always having the fear of what may never happen will only increase your stress level. Avoid being overly-worried about things that are yet to happen, most times they never occur. Learn to relax. Exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and get sufficient sleep. Make some quiet time for yourself regularly. Smiling and laughing is a big stress reliever, so always smile and laugh, it can ease tension. Always stay calm when when you feel offended. Learn to have a forgiven spirit, your mind will always be at ease. Listen to wholesome music. Music makes the mind relax and calm.

To sum it all up, time and unforeseen events can overtake us, moreso that we live a in a world of economic and political instability. Therefore, we should worry less over what we do not have control over.

Note: When you experience stress that is prolonged or severe enough to cause health problems, it may be advisable to consult a professional healthcare provider for medical treatment.


  1. Nice one. Stress needs to be managed properly

  2. Nice information..Mazino..
    I hate stress. I cant deal with it even in small dose.

  3. Timely information..
    I got stress from lots of school assignment after a stressful day at school. Sometimes I have headache. I'm happy I've a brother who is always there for me. Thank ..Mazino

  4. A VERY informative post as always. No one could have said it any better.
    Smiling, laughing and shooting worries off ones mind WORKS, excellently.
    Music, oh Mazino, I can't see myself going to bed each night without listening to soul refreshing songs. Music has a way of massaging my spirit, soul and body after a long day. It's just like sipping a chilled glass of 'fura de nono' on a sunny afternoon. Do you know what that is?
    Have yourself a great day.

  5. I wish I could hi 5 you right now for such a wonderful post. With stress comes lots of problem, however it is important that it is managed effectively. Thanks dear


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