How To Ward Off Mosquitoes Using Garlic

Garlic (allium sativum) as a potent plant is used for various purposes. Garlic can be used for both culinary and medicinal purposes.  Garlic has a pungent odour, thus many people refrain from eating it. It has been suggested that garlic can repel mosquitoes. Allicin, an oil found in garlic is said to be harmful to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes is among other insects that can make us sick when they bite us.

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Mosquitoes find it's prey by smell. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide we emit and also lactic acid produced by the body. Others ways in which mosquitoes find their prey is through the skin temperature, moisture, floral or fruity fragrances, and wearing of dark clothing.

There are so many mosquito repellents in the market and majority contains DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide). DEET is effective in killing and warding off mosquitoes but has damaging consequences to both humans and animals. DEET can be toxic and prolong exposure can lead to central nervous system disorder, shortness of breath, headache, weakness and can damage brain cells. In view of this, natural mosquito repellents is considered as an alternative to DEET. Garlic is one of such natural mosquito repellent. Garlic has a masking effect that prevent mosquito to find it prey. Eating more of garlic repels mosquitoes. They can't stand the smell of garlic. Allicin (garlic oil) that seeps out of the skin hide us from mosquitoes. Commercial garlic mosquitoes repellents are sold in stores but you can make your own. To make your own mosquito repellent using garlic, follow these methods below.

For skin application
Materials needed
*. 1 garlic bulb
*. 2 cups of olive oil
*. A pan
*. A strainer
*. Equal quantity of beeswax and petroleum jelly

1. Peel the garlic cloves and add in 2 cups of olive oil. Simmer in a pan for 15 minutes, and then allow to cool completely.

2. Strain the preparation to obtain only the garlic oil and discard other solids.

3. Mix equal quantity of petroleum jelly and beeswax with the garlic oil in ratio of 1:100 (garlic : petroleum jelly + beeswax).

4. Rub on the arms and legs to repel mosquitoes

For spraying
Materials needed
*. 4 garlic bulbs
*. A blender
*. A strainer
*. A spray bottle
1. Blend 4 garlic bulbs with a few drops of water to make a liquid mixture.

2. Use a strainer to separate the solids from the liquid (garlic oil).

3. Mix the garlic oil to 4 litres of water. Mix well and pour into a spray bottle.

Warning: The allicin in garlic is very strong and can result in skin problem and allergic reactions. Garlic also has social implication, it causes bad breath and  body odour.


  1. Garlic spray is ok but rubbing it on the body, people won't come close to the person because of the smell. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I live in Kashmir with a lot of plants , bushes , trees around and when all the fruits on trees ripe and some fall from trees there is big problem of flies and mosquitoes and bats.
    No one can dare to sit out in cool breeze but with mosquito nets and different oils. I like your recipe of making home made oil and spray with garlic and in my next summer I will try them. We grow a lot of garlic and use in our food. You will not believe how much I love to clean garlic all day I am found with garlic cloves and a knife. BTW we also get rid of mosquitoes in open air with smoke.

  3. What a fantastic tip. Garlic has to be one of the best things around for your health. I use it all the time when I'm feeling under the weather, but this is the first time I'd heard of using it like this. Fabulous.

  4. This sounds like an interesting (and safe) mosquito repellent but I fear the smell may also repel people.

  5. In southern India, we also, use smoke to get rid of the mosquitoes. We use the Neem oil on skin to repel mosquitoes. The smell is not that nic, but, I prefer it to garlic.

  6. I think the key is to rub everyone down with the garlic spray and then no one knows the difference ;) It's also good for avoiding vampires. You know, if you want to avoid vampires.

  7. Surely has a lot of health benefits - My granddad used to eat a clove of garlic everyday, and I hated being close to him because of the odour. Good to know that it wards off mosquitoes. Is it true that lemon grass wards off snakes?

  8. Yours truly, Some people use lemon grass to repel snakes. It may repel them but doesn't harm them.


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