Protecting Yourself From Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal parasites are microorganisms that obtains some benefits from its host (the gastro-intestinal tract) and causes damage to the host. The degree of damage to the host depends on the type and number of parasites present. Examples of intestinal parasites are the protozoans and the parasitic worms, or helminths.

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What are the symptoms of intestinal parasites?
*. Abdominal pain
*. Loss of appetite
*. Nausea
*. Fatigue
*. Swollen abdomen
*. Chronic indigestion
*. Diarrhea
*. Constipation
*. Weight loss
*. Restless sleep
*. Itching
*. Fever
*. Wheezing

Treatment for intestinal parasites depends on proper diagnosis. In most cases the stool is collected as specimen. Your physician will decide the appropriate prescription drugs to use.

How can you protect yourself from intestinal parasites?
Proper hygiene is the best protection. It starts from the home, or where you live. Most houses today have poor sanitary facilities. Toilet facilities are often built close-by to water source. The excrement from the toilet to the septic tank could flow to the water source. Therefore it is recommended to built toilet facilities some distance away from water source (borehole or well). Organic waste is a good source of manure as it can fertilize the soil but never is the case for human waste. Hence, human waste should never be used as manure.

Parents should protect their crawling children from putting their hands in the mouth. The hands could be contaminated. If one member of the family is suspected to have parasitic infection, it is recommended that all family members should go for examination too.

Your food could be the easiest route to have intestinal parasites. You should buy food products (meat) from stores that has high sanitary standard. Cook all foods at appropriate cooking temperature. Never eat meat that is not properly cooked. Wash all raw fruits and vegetables thoroughly and never reuse the water for other purpose. Avoid drinking water in which you do not know the source or not sure of the storage conditions. This apply to both water from the home and commercially bottled water.

Many of us do eat outside the home due to busy schedule and others buy food from roadside sellers when traveling. You need to be more careful since you do not know the preparatory or processing conditions of such foods. This apply to both cut-up fruits (water melon) or fast foods. Intestinal parasites are harmful as other microorganisms. Prevention is important. When parasites enters the intestine they can migrate to other parts of the body and cause serious havoc.

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  1. Intestinal parasites are really harmful. Sometimes we don't really know that when we fall ill, they are the cause. Good that you mentioned ways we could protect ourselves.


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