How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips And How To Make Your Lips Pink Naturally

Who doesn't agree that pink soft lips add beauty to the face? The answer is not farfetched. Women love pink lips and some men love to have it too. Women use lipsticks to make the lips attractive and also cover up those ugly dark coloration. The lips are involved in facial expressions, they  adjust when we smile, laugh, hiss and frown. Dark lips can be caused by constant sun exposure, coffee or tea intake, smoking, hormonal changes etc. So many lip products are in the market that one can buy to eliminate dark appearance of the lips. Few of these lip products are effective but the result is often temporary. There are effective natural ways to get rid of dark lips and make the lips pink. These methods are inexpensive and are also easy to use.

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Natural ways to eliminate dark lips and make the lips pink

*.  Use quality lip balm and lipstick with sunscreen SPF 30.
*. Use ice cube to massage the lips. Rub the cube on the lips for 2 minutes and then pat dry. Apply moisturizer. This method eliminate darkness of the lips and make them lighter in appearance.
*. Lemon juice: Rub few drops of lemon juice on the lips before going to bed. Wash off in the morning, it will lighten the lips.
*. Potato: Cut potato into slice and rub on the lips. You will get a natural pink lips in just few days if use regularly.
*. Beet root: Slice red beet root and massage your lips for 5 minutes. Use regularly. It will get rid of tan from the lips and make the lips naturally pink in few days.
*. Almond oil: Before going to bed, apply almond oil on the lips. It will lighten the lips and reduce dark coloration.
*. Cucumber juice: Apply cucumber juice on the lips for 5 minutes to lighten the lips. Cucumber is effective in getting rid of dark lips.
*. Sugar: Dip sugar in water and use to exfoliate the lips. Sugar will remove the dead skin cells that causes dark coloration.
*. Honey: Before going to bed, apply honey on the lips and leave it on overnight. Wash off with water. Repeat this process daily to achieve the wanted result.
*. Olive oil: Apply 2 drops of olive oil on the lips to reduce the darkness and moisturize the lips.
*. Rose flower oil: Apply 2 drops of rose flower oil on the lips to get a natural pink lips.

There are other dos and don't to reduce darkness of the lips. You must quit smoking, avoid prolong exposure to the sun, reduce or avoid coffee and tea intake. Avoid using bad or low quality lipsticks. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and also eat food containing high water content.

Warning: Some of these products may cause allergies. Make sure you don't have broken or lip injury when using applying any of these products.


  1. Nice tips, thanks for the info. Pink lips is wonderful to have.

  2. Wow thanks Dear. Didn't know you could use potato

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