Should You Have Cosmetic Surgery?

"Looking good is a serious business", a popular saying in today's world. Everyone want to look good. People believe a good appearance promotes self-esteem.  Because of this notion many people are improving their appearance in different ways. Wearing of make-ups is popular among females and muscle building is common among the males. While improving one's look can boost confident, some have gone to the extreme. They have resulted to cosmetic surgery.

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What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is totally different from reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery involve operation on healthy body parts to improve appearance. For example, a lady may feel her breasts are not large enough, so she goes under the knife to increase the size of the breasts. Another example is surgically manipulating the size and shape of the buttocks. Unlike cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery is performed to correct or restore disfigured body parts that most times occur as a result of congenital deformities, diseases, injury or accidents.

Cosmetic surgery is not medically necessary. Although people still do it, most times their decision is based on the desire to be attractive and well liked. Others are influenced by peer pressure, slick advertisements, trying to be like an entertainment star or wanting to attain the extreme beauty ideal promoted in the print and electronic media. If you feel unhappy with the way you look, Do you think cosmetic surgery is the solution? Does cosmetic surgery poses any health dangers? In recent times, there have been reported cases of serious complications that ensued after undergoing cosmetic surgery. Former Miss Argentina Solange Magano died of complication from plastic surgery. The silicone injected into her buttocks led to blockage of the blood supply to the lungs.

Risks of cosmetic surgery

Just like other surgery, cosmetic surgery carries it own risks. There is no guaranteed of safe operation and most sometimes additional surgery is needed to correct complications after the first surgery. This can cause further damage and even death. Allergic reactions to anesthetic may occur during surgery leading to other health problems. Other possible risks are:
*. Infection,
*. Scarring,
*. Tissue necrosis,
*.  Asymmetry
*.  Rejection of implants
*.  Damage to the nerve leading to numbness.
*. Heavy blood loss
*. Loss of breast-feeding ability in women who undergo implant.
*. Slowing healing
*. Hematoma
*. Seroma
*. Blood clot

It is always advised that anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery should count the cost and risks. Once the surgery is done it is irreversible. Changing your appearance through surgical procedures may enhanced your looks but it doesn't changed others perception pertaining to your personality. Never allow the spur of the movement push you into changing your appearance through surgical procedures. At the end whatever decision you take, keep in mind that happiness doesn't come from your looks. Being healthy is all that matters.

Note: Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery are all plastic surgery. They both have their associated risks.


  1. Being aware of the risks of any elective surgery, heck, any surgery, is something we should all be diligent in doing. This post provides things to think through. I can remember reading once that often it DOES change a person's self-image, depending on what is being done. About 20 years ago I did have my nose changed. And while the only major side effect I had was not being able to handle the anesthesia, I am one person who can say, it worked for me.

  2. I must admit I know little about cosmetic surgery so this article is very helpful. I've never considered it myself, but I suppose one never knows so it's good to have some idea of what to look for and all the considerations to be aware of. Thanks!

  3. The only cosmetic surgery I would consider is straightening and whitening my teeth.

    Your post gives an insight into what can go wrong with surgery. This is beneficial to those who know very little about the negatives of cosmetic surgery.

  4. I am sometimes concerned with cosmetic surgery; age is what we are or our shape. I however, have a high respect for some of the surgeons. These doctors can do wonderful work on people with some deformities, or injuries. I remembering seeing on TV who practices in Hollywood, but on vacations goes to other counties to help children with facial deformities.


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