Diet For Healthy Hair And Nails

In some circles, a woman's beauty can be defined by her hair and her nails. Poorly cared for nails that look chipped or crooked can indicate a poor homemaker. Some women prefer hair that runs past their shoulders. There is a simple solution to hair issues and poor nails. This solution is good diet. Changing one's eating habits can lead to drastic changes in having healthy hair and nails. There are certain foods that does act as hair and nails nutrients.

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Some of these foods are discussed below.

Hair and nails need protein to give them life. The most crucial protein required is known as keratin. The following foods consist of the building blocks required for hair and nails:
·*       lean red meat (avoid fatty ones)
·*      white meat
·*       eggs
·*       whole grains
The great thing about including protein in one's diet is that it can also facilitate weight loss.

This is very important component that may come as a surprise to many women. Zinc plays an active role in the body's everyday functions. It consists of enzymes that create proteins required in the formation of connective tissues. These are some of the tissues needed for healthy hair and nails. Brittle nails can be caused by a lack of zinc. Some of the foods one need to obtain zinc includes:
· *       cashew nuts
· *       lean meet
·*        beans (green beans)
·*        oysters and lobsters

Vitamin H
Vitamin H sources includes:
·*        eggs
·*        bananas
·*        peanuts
·*        lentils

These are some of the simplistic ingredients one needs to include in their diet so as to achieve strong nails. Another benefit one gets from eating bananas and lentils is stronger hair that does not thin. Lack of Vitamin H can lead to hair loss.

Green vegetables contain two important vitamins that regulate body functions. These are Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  The former takes care of hair growth while the latter handles iron absorption. Lack of iron can cause thinner hair and brittle nails. Some people have suffered from spoon shaped nails as a result of iron deficiency.

Some of the green vegetables one need to incorporate for strong hair and nails are
·*        spinach
·*        kales
·*        collards

Water needs to become a part of one's diet to achieve stronger hair and nails. Water transports nutrients to hair and nail follicles. It is a key ingredient to a large percent of body functions. The great advantage about drinking water is that it takes care of other aspects as well. These includes:
• keep one hydrated
• keep those on a diet full
• keep one's body alert

Orange coloured vegetables
These ingredients keep nails shiny. They also work as a good component for healthy skin. A few examples include:
·*        carrots
·*        pumpkins 

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The desire for healthy nails and stronger hair is pointless when one does not have a nutritious diet. For a person to look good on the outside they need to take care of the inside too. One may consider adopting some of these diet preferences so as to begin the quest toward healthier, shinier,  stronger hair and nails.

This is a guest post by Mathew Williams. He is a Passionate blogger and works on behalf of ehic. He has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2006.


  1. nutrition plays a major role - indeed you are what you eat. You cannot expect to have healthy hair and nails if your diet is unhealthy!

  2. From last few weeks I am feeling that my hair are falling more than before. I was much conscious about the situation and hopefully this post will help me have some strong hair with nutritious diet.

    Thanks for share.

  3. Thanks for this information- i need to change my eating habits to incorporate more of the above!

  4. I never thought anyone noticed my nails until I started taking care of the little suckers. If I'm stressed I can't hide it at all, my nails and hair are a mess. The best tip and easiest to follow....water water and more water at least 60 ounces a day. In addition eating water rich foods is to hydrate is important as well.


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