Comparison Between Honey And Sugar, Which Is Better?

When it comes to diet and nutrition, it's critical to discover alternatives to sugar. Honey is one of such option; yet would it say it is truly preferred for you over sugar? Here's a short guide that clarify the contrasts between honey and sugar and to determine if actually honey is better than sugar. 

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Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is otherwise called white sugar. It is generally originates from one of two sources - sugar cane or sugar beets. The method of refining sugar strips it of its nutrients and has substances (additives) added to it to permit it to crystallize and stay for more longer period than different sweeteners.

The major good in sugar appear to be for the makers of sugar. It stays longer. This implies that it has a more extended shelf life of usability and is less inclined to be wasted. Also, refined sugar creates a more alluring product - has more potential to draw in consumers to buy it.

On the other hand, sugar has numerous detriments. It has been reprimanded for everything from diabetes to cancer. While large portions of the bad things sugar is  said to cause may not be true, here are few of the things sugar has been suggested to do:

  • Reduces appetite
  • Irritates the stomach
  • Causes heartburn
  • Raises insulin levels
  • Reduces the immune system
  • Increases the chances of depression, uneasiness, hyperactivity and failure to concentrate
  • Causes kidney harm
  • Increases the occurrence of tooth decay
  • Accelerates cardiovascular infection and hypertension
  • Worsen cancer
  • Causes diabetes


Advocates of honey over sugar says that honey is the world's natural sweetener. It is not created by human hands, and hence is accepted by its lovers to be a perfect sweeteners. Honey is produced by bees. They accumulate nectar from flowers and return it to the hive. There, the nectar is changed into honey and stored in the hive for food over winter. Honey has long history of use by people and is accepted to be a more ancient sweetener than sugar.

Preferences And Downside of Honey

The uplifting news about honey is that it is sweeter than sugar, so you require less for the same measure of sweetness. Likewise, not at all like sugar, which is practically without nutrient, honey contains a little measure of nutrients. Some would say that this is a negligible sum and that consuming honey is no preferable of over consuming sugar.

Advocates of honey says it offers these benefits:
  • Contain healthy bacteria
  • Helps to control glucose better than refined sugar does
  • Can enhance insulin resistance over that of refined sugar
  • Serves to enhance the immune system, especially in cancer patients
  • Contains cancer prevention agents that helps forestall free radicals

These benefits, and additionally the nutrients it gives, can diminished or vanish if it's processed honey. Raw honey is best for healthy living. A drawback of honey, notwithstanding, is the probability of poison that affect children less than one years old. Like sugar, honey is has high calories.  It very nearly contains the same number of calories as sugar. Which is better, sugar or honey?


  1. I too loves honey because of its sweetness and no side-effect. Additionally what makes it unique is that ' Honey is said to be the only food that does not get spoilt'

    1. And ants doesn't rush honey the way they do to sugar. For me honey still remain the best sweetener and besides it has other health benefits and skincare uses.

  2. honey still remains the best though sugar is cheaper and more affordable

  3. Mazino, I'm not sure if either is really good for you. Our doctor says, sugar is sugar. One thing I know for sure, those "sweeteners" in the blue, pink and yellow packages are the worst artificial sweeteners for our health.

    1. Pat, yes sugar is sugar but honey is not sugar even though it is sweet in taste.


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