Coping With The Passing Phase Of Menopause

Menopause is a new episode of a woman's life. The transition of menopause is difficult for most women. Although every woman has her own different reaction to menopause, they find it hard to understand what is actually going on with their body. Some women feel they are losing their femininity, mind, intelligent or interest in sex. It appears like their body is playing biological tricks on them. 

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Menopause is a passing phase in life which every woman will undergo when they grow older. There are varied symptoms women suffer during menopause but can be dealt with.

For younger women or elderly ones about to reach the stage of menopause, there are recommendations that will prepare you for this transition. This has to do with diet, exercise and sufficient rest.


Women need nutrients sufficient in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. They need to decrease intake in calories. It is vital to eat only foods that have high nutrient concentration. Fatty and sugary foods should be avoided.


Depression and stress is common during the menopausal phase. Therefore regular exercise is necessary to help increase her ability to cope with stress and depression. Exercise helps her maintain a healthy weight and also increase energy level. With aging a woman's basal metabolic rate reduces gradually. When this happen it leads to gradual weight gain. To prevent weight gain, her basal metallic rate need to be boosted. This can only be done by exercise. Exercise to do includes walking, running, studio aerobics, cycling, weight-training and other aerobic sports.

How To Cope With Hot Flashes

During this phase there are occurrence of hot flashes which may be frequent and can disrupt sleep. If this happen, what can she do?

She should not panic. It will only worsen the situation. Along with exercise which will help the body cool down quickly and also cope with heat, always drink a glass of cold water. Also place your hands in cold water.

There are triggers for hot flashes. Try to identify and avoid them. Consumption of spicy or hot foods, alcohol, caffeine and sugar can act as triggers. Smoking also can precipitate hot flashes.

Nutritional medicine experts recommends some remedies that can reduce the incident of hot flashes. These remedies include ginseng herb, black cohosh, dong quai, evening primose rose and vitamin E. For relief some medical doctors prescribe Bellergal and clonidine although patches and estrogen pills still remain the most effective drugs.

It is common to have vaginal dryness but can be handle by the applying lubricant gels, fruit or vegetable oil, and vitamin E oil. Most times these applications may not be sufficient so estrogen cream is recommended. The vaginal walls will thicken and lubricate with the use of estrogen cream. A word of caution; before you choose any regimen, you should first consult your doctor.

How Family Members Can Help

A woman going through menopause need understanding and emotional support especially from her husband. A husband need to be sensitive to recognize that the pace of his wife will not be the same as before during the phase of menopause. In fact she should be assisted to maintain healthy eating and lifestyle. Free her from unnecessary tension by avoiding heated arguments.

Children need to be reasonable, they need to understand her present condition. They should be sensitive to her situation, this will send the message to her that she is been loved and thought of. There are other betters ways she can be supported. It all depends on the family setup.

Menopause is not an abnormal condition. Every woman must realize that it is just a transition to another stage of life she will passed.


  1. Menopause is another stage in the life of a woman, my darling mum is at it now, and she complains of inner hotness and constant sweat. I guess this article would go well with her. But she really don't like to exercise lol.

  2. This is informative. I'm far from this phase but it's better to be prepared.

  3. Quite informative and well defined !! Hopefully helpful for woman going through it.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, this month I am turning 39 years old and yes I am getting there. Now I am preparing myself because I can feel it already, there something strange in me. I am not getting younger, but need to stay healthy.

  5. When my mom reached this particular stage in her life the hot flashes, it was a pain. We'd be in the mall and she'd be sweating like crazy, we were helpless. Fanning and even turning up the airconditioner in the car didn't do anything. Other than that nothing really visibly changed, she was the same. Maybe it's different for each woman, hoping it goes the same for me. :)

  6. Thanks for the informative post. I am just 21 so I have loads of years ahead.

  7. Men have their own version of menopause as well, though it is more subtle. For the ladies, menopause seems as much an emotional experience as it is physical.

  8. Adding on EPO into diet helps a lot too. Menopause a situation even men are affected too.

  9. Menopause can bring some weakness to ladies. Thanks for sharing tips to overcome this.

  10. I saw my Mom through this phase in her life. It seemed difficult because she was cranky on most times and sometimes would have food cravings. Understanding and emotional support from friends and immediately family are much appreciated.

  11. My 4 aunts are going through that now and they are all getting really short tempered and quarrelling a lot. All these is possible if only they are willing to cope with the problem...

  12. My mom went on this stage. She was very irritative into simple and small things. Shes verrrrry moody

  13. It is very difficult for men to understand this, but thanks for sharing , this has sure enhanced my knowledge about Menopause...

  14. I think exercise can keep them occupied when they make the transition. Diet also help their body adjust to the changes.

  15. You did a very good job on educating people about this phase of life. I enjoyed it very much.

  16. learnt something here. i only knew the basics of menopause before reading this

  17. Great post. I never have a deep read about menopause. Thanks for sharing.


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