Home Remedies To Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch marks are caused due to two main reasons – pregnancy and sudden dramatic weight loss or gain. However you don’t have to feel miserable now because we will be introducing you to some of the most effective home remedies to get rid of these stretch marks naturally.
Let’s explore several ways to eliminate or reduce stretch marks without seeking medical intervention.

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Cacao Butter
You should apply cacao butter on the stretch mark area of your skin. Many people have tried this application and have seen good results. It is a well known household technique practiced by many.

Lavender or Coco Oils
Application of these oils has a super moisturizing effect on the stretches. You will see the results quickly if you apply it on the stretch marks at least thrice a day at regular intervals.

Try Olive Oil
Olive oil seems to produce desired results as it is rich in Vitamin A, D and K. Apply olive oil on the stretch marks once in a day daily to see its positive effects.

Lemon Juice
You need to rub the lemon juice very gently onto the stretch marks. Let the juice remain on the mark for at least ten minutes before you rinse it with warm water. Lemon Juice is known to be naturally acidic which heals stretch marks comprehensively.

Stretch mark creams
There are many stretch mark creams available in the market, but unfortunately very few of them really stick to their claims. Don’t lose hope; instead you can give a try to dermology stretch mark cream. Buying a stretch mark prevention cream and applying it on the stretch marks should help you in eliminating those marks.
Don’t believe in any claims that the manufacturer of stretch mark cream makes; instead try those creams and see for yourself whether it works or not. 

Sugar effect
It is unbelievable to see the results that white sugar produces if mixed with almond oil and lemon juice. Apply the mixture onto the stretch marks. Rub the mixture for at least ten minutes before heading for a shower. Follow this practice for a month and you will see a considerable change in your stretch marks.

Exercise daily

Follow a regular exercise regime to erase stretch marks completely. Exercising will help you keep your muscles toned and firm, thereby, erasing and preventing stretch marks, respectively. Practice Yoga and do more of cardio to see the effects.

An item present in every kitchen - potatoes are extremely beneficial in treating   stretch marks by stimulating new skin cell formation. Rub thick slices of the vegetable to ensure that the juice penetrates skin layers.

Besides using oils, sugar and lemon juice, try applying a reliable stretch mark cream as well. Do a good research on many stretch mark creams that are available in the market.

You should now have the knowledge of several home remedies that would work wonderfully well on your stretch marks. These practices have been followed by many others and it worked for them and it will work for you too.
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Lisa Fletcher is a beauty blogger and natural skin care expert. She understands how natural solutions bring about a positive effect on skin and health. She has revealed the various remedies to remove stretch marks from household items in this post. Her career has been focused around redefining the meaning of skin care with natural skin care products.


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