How To Raise A Very Smart Child

It is a universal and unfortunate truth that we live in an era of expiring resources. We know now for a fact that the world’s coal and oil supplies will completely disappear off of the face of earth in a matter of centuries. Because of this, we rush into a battle to find the alternative to these great loses as soon as possible. However, it seems a bit ironical that the commodity or a resource that we today have the least in supply is our own free time to spend with our family and our children. And yet we barely do a thing to fix this mess.

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As the world economy feels this shortage in resources, our children are struck with our lack of attention and restrictions in the time we spend with them. Although it is true that there are some excellent day cares available everywhere and that families and friends are often more than happy to help, the simple truth is that when it comes to the formation of a child’s personality, the presence of parents is second to none.

Positive influences

The presence or absence of the parents plays an integral part in the development of a child, most specifically its emotional and social growth. Children look up to their parents, drawing their confidence or shyness from them, as well as their ideas and attitudes towards the world around them. In the words of Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”. The same is true about your children. You are their role model, so it is up to you to act accordingly.
Another thing that is important to mention is that even the most caring of parents are not always in their child’s company, nor should they be. As any other person, regardless of age and gender, children should also have me-time. They mostly use this time for games which help them explore the world so, while it is not desirable that you should interfere in this independent process of theirs, there is nothing wrong for you to direct it towards something sensible and didactic.

Encourage your child’s creativity

For this purpose, educational toys work best. If you observe your child’s upbringing metaphorically, as a battlefield, or a series of elaborate campaigns with an end goal, you owe it to them that you arm them with all the things necessary to ensure that they emerge victorious. A great place to start would be to select an array of didactically appropriate toys for their age and make it available to them.

A great idea would be to get your child wooden blocks to play with in its free time. This is a great didactic toy, since it is perfect for developing your child’s creativity and problem solving mechanics. Because there is no manual that accompanies wooden blocks, your child will have to discover all of the possibilities for itself without being guided towards “the right solution”.

There are some other ways in which you can improve your child’s creative processes. Supply it with crayons and enough paper to allow its creative side to emerge. Another great idea would be to buy some role playing toys, such as costumes, masks, dolls and action figurines. They are bound to ensure that your child employs all of its imaginations in developing new scenarios and characters for its daily play times; a great way to encourage your child’s imagination and creativity. And best of all, they make a great match for the castle your child built out of wooden blocks.

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Buy your child some illustrated books, and read to it as much as you can. You can also expose it to various sources of didactic audio material. In this way, you will create a connection between having fun and acquiring new knowledge. Also, you will instigate a passion for reading that will follow the child to good ends for its entire life.

The most important thing about raising your child is that you are always there and to show it that it can always, always, rely on you. This care and presence, you can achieve even if you are not physically there, by supervising its development when you are away and by directing it towards the goals that you see as best for your child. What more can a sensible parent do.

Author’s Bio: Kate Flannery is a Perthie sailor, auntie, and clean-eating enthusiast who swears by educational toys such as wooden blocks and art easels over short-term attractions such as iPads and the TV.


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