How To Stay Fit in Your 60's The Master Athlete Way

Thriving at age of 60 may feel like a whim to many. But if you have a desire to stay fit, and a will to follow the basic rules of healthy living, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying life even in your 60’s. Just remember, the secret to longevity lies in having a healthy lifestyle.

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And that’s why you have a lot to learn from the lifestyles of master athletes. What do they do to stay so energetic? Well here are few secrets

Do Away With That Sedentary Lifestyle

Staying active is your first step towards improving your health in your senior years. Exercise and work makes your brain more active. Pursue your hobbies, tidy up your house, cook, play with grandchildren and make yourself useful. Don’t take senior years as an excuse to relax all day, just watching TV.

Shun Inactivity And Get On Your Feet

A recent research confirmed that even regular morning walks and exercise can’t help you if your stay inactive for the rest of the day. In addition, inactivity has been linked with hypertension, blood clots and cancer. So maintain a decent level of activity during the day. It’s the first step towards improving your lifestyle in your 60’s.

 We Are What We Eat

A cliché, but as you get older this line makes more sense. Women over 50 ideally require 1600 calories if they aren’t physically active, 1800 calories when they are somewhat active and 2000 calories if they are very active. At your 60’s you surely have to make some dietary changes as well.
  • Eat small portions of nutritious food that are evenly spaced during the day. Don’t skip breakfast and keep your dinner as light as possible.
  • Boost the intake of calcium and vitamin D
  • Include a whole lot of fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.
  • Get enough fibre and right proteins.
  • Cut salt intake and reduce your craving for sweet
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Create Good Habits And Then Stick To Them

Your body gets accustomed to the pattern you train it to be. If you are accustomed to bad habits whether it’s for eating, exercising or sleeping – time has come to change this. Get your body in a positive rhythm. It may be hard in the beginning, but taking small steps one by one will surely help. Treat yourself when you accomplish a set goal.  And once you have developed a good habit, stick to it.

Watch Your Hygiene
As you get older, poor hygiene can be a big issue. Keeping yourself clean and fresh contributes immensely towards healthy living. Strictly adhere to your daily routine, enjoy pampering yourself at salons and go for rejuvenating massages from time to time. If you are going to public gym, stay extra cautious about the hygiene. You are more likely to catch on skin infections. Keep your own set of toiletries, be it towel, body cleansing wipes flip flops or practise mats. 

Lastly, Enjoy Life, Lighten Up And Stay Away From Stress

Older people tend to lose interest in life. Even your body begins to lose its ability to cope with stress. That’s where you need to overcome stress and keep it bay. According to a study women are more vulnerable to overload of stress than men as they age. Stress can even make you feel older. Keep stress away with regular exercise, indulging in some sports activity, staying busy and viewing life positively.

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Evie Dawson is a fitness coach and health writer based in Boston, MA. She advocates the idea of using natural athletic body wipes. Her passion is to encourage others to rediscover healthy lifestyle and get inspired for organic living. She can be reached on Twitter @DawsonEvie


  1. Unlike what older people thought about exercise being a difficult task made only for younger and athlete people, this post had said it all and explain the simplest form of exercise which they can start with.

  2. Yea, all good and well said. Recently, i have seen some old mem and women that are even stronger than most youths of today. I use to wonder how it became possible and i've realised some reasons after reading this post. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  3. Hmmm, you are what you eat, that's my best line, water therapy, eating more than four different types of fruit a day etc...Nice article

  4. Wonderful read! This article is an educating refresher. Keep up the good work.

  5. very interesting am gona educate my parents on this

  6. very interesting am gona educate my parents on this

  7. Old age is not really a time for so much pleasure so taking care of oneself is essential. Nice write up.

  8. Am gonna tell granny this ...kudos bro

  9. This article is a great education for many but keep in mind that staying fit and healthy should not only start when you reach 40s, 50s, or 60s, everyone should have a healthy lifestyle even at a young age. Good health is great investment!

  10. Very intresting.I want to add one more thing one should incorporate Weight lifting.This routines intended for senior fitness are not intended to turn you into a competitive bodybuilder with very large muscles.These routines can also result in improved blood pressure and sugar levels, better digestive processes, and better balance maintenance.
    Xtreme no


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