7 Food That Prevents Weight Loss

Often weight gain is blamed on various factors like genetics, lifestyle and food habits. But, amongst them, gaining weight due to your faulty food habits is considered almost a heresy (seriously!) among the weight watchers and the weight gainers alike. Those among us who cannot change their food habits sometimes these days befriend the over the counter and prescribed diet pills like phentermine testimonials of which are going viral all over the internet in recent times.

Now, let us focus on some dreadful foods (as one may call them while struggling to lose weight!) that any one aiming to lose their body weight should utterly avoid. Or in other words, we will discuss in this article seven foods that prevents us from losing weight.

Foods containing high carbohydrates
These foods should be avoided if you are aiming for a weight loss. White rice, white bread and any other foods made with flour or of refined grain origin is a strict no – no and their constant intake can trigger an average 1 pound of weight gain.

Soda/carbonated drinks, other sweet beverages and caffeine
Soda and obesity goes hand in hand. Majority of the carbonated /soft drinks contain both soda and a high amount of sugar. Hence, it is best to cut off the consumption of such drinks totally and instead opt for healthier drinks like green tea.

Dairy products
Over 65% of weight gains happens due to eating the wrong food as per a recent extensive research study which has collected info from more than 12,000 men and women in the United States Of America. Dairy products including whole milk, cheese, butter seems to top the chart. Though consuming dairy product from the perspective of nutritional value makes it highly recommended, but if you want to lose weight, it is advised to restrict your milk consumption to skimmed low fat milk and cut off the intake of cheese or butter totally. 8 ounces of whole milk is said to contain 150 calories whereas its skimmed counterpart contains only 85 calories. It does makes a difference. Ice cream also included in the list.

Potato wafers and chips:
This is another food which is a strict no-no if you want to see yourself on the lower side of the weighing scale as potato wafers and chips contain a considerable amount of fat and around 150 calories in 1 oz. chips which can led up to gaining 2 pound of weight

Apart from consuming in the form of chips, eating potatoes in any forms whether mashed or boiled can lead up to 4 pounds of weight gain on an average.

Cocoa is another ingredient which contributes towards accumulating fat in our body. Nutritionally, it is not a bad idea to consume chocolate. However, excess consumption can lead to appreciable weight gain. Hence all foods containing cocoa like chocolates, cakes, candies, etc. are to be consumed in small quantities or avoided in order to lose weight.

Alcoholic beverages
Last but not the least, avoid consuming alcohols both to prevent weight gain and for other health reasons. It is a real danger for our health.

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