7 Tips to Enhance Your Sleeping Routine Significantly

What's worse than going to bed knowing that you will find your mother-in-law at your doorstep next morning (kidding of course!)? Well, it turns out that lying in your bed sleepless without any such knowledge is even worse than going to sleep knowing this. 


Wait, that's not all; worse than that is getting up in the middle of the night and feeling dead tired but unable to sleep, with the clock telling you that it's only 3:30 a.m. Don't worry now though, as we are sure that these 7 Tips to Enhance Your Sleeping Routine Significantly will surely lull you to slumber-land. 

1)   Hit the Dimmer
In your quest to a better sleep, hitting the dimmer should be one of the very first things to try out. Our body is designed to produce melatonin (a sleep inducing hormone) as the night falls, sensing the darkness around. This hormone serves to make your body realise that it's about time to shut down all businesses for a while. With the lights turned around you, your body is basically tricked into believing that it still needs to drag along. So, hitting the dimmer would help in optimal production of melatonin, resulting in better inducing of sleep.

2)   Lay Offgrid after Nightfall
There is no doubt that technology has helped us better our lives tremendously and we are seriously indebted to it for all the ease and convenience we enjoy in our lives throughout the day. However, it's better to lay off-grid after nightfall, if having a good sleep is your priority. Tons of research is there proving that all modern electronic devices (including those bedtime essential e-readers!) affect your sleep badly due to the blue light emitted by their screens (which serves as anti-melatonin). So, you better get rid of modern electronic devices at least 60 minutes before your bedtime to encourage optimal production of melatonin to induce a fulfilling sleep.

3) Appropriate Room Temperature
It might have never occurred to you, but your mind and body respond to the temperature of the room they are in, determining how good or bad sleep you might get. And according to research, 18 degrees Celsius is the ideal room temperature that is more likely to induce better sleep.

4Don't Underestimate the Power of a Bedtime Routine
The trick here is to help your body realize that shutting down time is around the corner. Just like dimming the lights suggest your body and mind to slow down all the buzz, a bedtime routine also does the same. Just make sure that it is a calming and soothing one (like showering or book reading), not involving any serious physical engagement.
5)   Ease Yourself Out
It seems like there is a direct correlation between how easily you fall asleep and how eased you were before that. There is a lot to it, from slipping into the most comfortable fabric and fit that you have, to taking a bedtime shower if it relaxes you. It's like loosening your body and mind up to make sure you catch the ride to slumber-land in the most convenient manner.

6)   Soothe Yourself with a Soothing Colour Scheme
Colours radiate as resonate beyond our imagination, each one having its own impact on our mind. That's why it is so important to have soothing and calm hues in your sleeping ambiance rather than having loud and vibrant shades. For example, lavender or periwinkle blue would be much soothing for your mind than bright pink or sunshine yellow.

7)   Yoga
When it comes to the benefits of yoga, there are simply countless. Yoga not only helps you stay fresh and alive through the day, but can also help soothe and unwind your body and mind to lull you to a restful sleep that you deserve to have a fresher start next morning. Fitnessmagazine have some really amazing, simple and effective yoga poses to try out in bed, enabling you to snooze off really well.

8)   White Sound
White sound is yet another way to make sure that you get a complete restful sleep without interruptions. There are various good white sound machines available in the market nowadays, which can help you sleep better.     
9)   4-7-8 Exercise
Last but not the least is this amazing breathing technique referred to as the 4-7-8 exercise to help your body relax unbelievably well. It entails you inhaling only through your nostrils (not using mouth at all) to a count of four seconds. Then you need to hold your breath there for 7 seconds before exhaling solely through your mouth to a count of 8. Experts swear by the effectiveness of this technique, so much so that they say only a few reps are enough to push you through to slumber.

Hopefully, you will be able to improve your sleeping routine by following these tried and tested sleeping tips. If these looks too much to you, try following and implementing one tip at a time, so that it becomes convenient for you.

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