3 Steps for Staying Healthy in the Office

For those who spend most of their week (Monday - Friday) within an office cubicle, it can sometimes become a difficult chore to ensure you are staying healthy. 
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For most with a desk job, much of our time is spent in front of a computer screen, rather than being outside and spending time being more active, or at least moving around a bit.

On average, most full-time employees do not receive the amount of exercise that is required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the reasons is because most are unable to find the time required to properly maintain a level of fitness suitable for their well-being. Additionally, since work is a large commitment, it's often more critical to spend overtime hours in front of the computer, catching up on necessary work required by their employer.

You may stop to ask yourself, in what ways can I make small adjustments to my weekly work routine to keep myself healthy, and reduce my risk of sickness? If you are a full time employee, this question has probably been raised throughout your mind on many instances.


One of the most important small steps that you can take to change up your routine, and keep yourself healthier is to focus on creating a diet or meal plan that can suit your busy schedule. As you probably already know, it's important to maintain a balanced diet consisting of greens, proteins, and vitamins. You should avoid eating foods with high sugars or fat contents while in the office.

Do you regularly go out to eat, or grab fast food during your breaks? This is the first and most important step to change within your work routine. Avoiding processed foods should be considered at all costs. Though the foods may be convenient for your busy schedule, they have negative impacts on your performance while at work. These foods can make you feel sluggish, and weighed down after consuming them. Additionally, eating out can be costly, and your wallet may feel the impacts first. Start incorporating packed lunches into your schedule, that consist of an array of fruits, vegetables, and lighter options.

After Work Routines

Even if you have a late night at work, it's important that your body experiences some level of physical activity. When you get back from work, try to spend at least 30 minutes at your local gym. Consider joining exercise programs that are offered by your employer. Inquire to see what types of systems have been set up to ensure employees at your work are healthy. If nothing has been developed, collaborate with a group of similar individuals you work with, and set up times that you can attend the gym.

If you struggle to find time for 30 minutes at the gym a few times per week, consider doing exercises at home. There are a multitude of at-home workout programs that can help to keep you in shape, and fit your busy schedule. In addition, many of these programs last 30 minutes or so, and are formed to fit your demanding schedule.

Simple Steps

Is your office in a large building? Take small steps to keep you fit while traveling to and from work. Avoid using the elevator, and take the stairs while traveling to your desk. This can help to get your blood flowing, and improve your mental clarity when you arrive at your desk. Additionally, each time you travel up or down one flight of stairs, you are taking small steps to improving your overall wellness.

Consider parking your car farther away from your office. Wake up a few minutes earlier to allow the additional time needed to walk into your office building. This will allow you to get more steps in during the day, and help your body to “warm up” before getting in front of the computer screen.

Enforcing the Changes

There is a variety of ways in which you can make smaller steps to keep yourself more healthy while juggling the day to day tasks associated with a full time position. If you are unable to change all of your workplace habits, select one of the ways above and implement them into your daily routine this coming week. Start slowly, and allow yourself enough time to adjust to the changes. Remember, taking small steps now will lead to a healthier, more beneficial lifestyle in the future!

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