7 Facts About Pregnancy Every Dad To Be Should Know

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for both the mother and the father. A man’s fatherhood does not begin as soon as the baby is born, it begins as soon as he finds out about the baby in the first place.

No matter if that baby is a wonderful surprise for you and your girlfriend or wife, from now on you are a father.

And what does any father really want? To be the best father that they can be. If you want to be the best father for your child, you should learn everything that you can not only about parenting but also about pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not something that the woman experiences just because it is happening in her body. You should do everything that is in your power to help her, and with that your child, on the way.

We decided to dedicate this article to the new dads-to-be to show them through some facts that they can really help in the right way.

Why are your support and help so important?

During pregnancy, the mother experiences a lot of changes in her body. This is going on for nine months and it I up to you to help her accept and go through the changes together.

Some of the changes are welcomed – e.g. that pregnancy glow, the baby bump that starts showing in a few months, your baby moving inside and etc. but on the other hand, there are a lot of changes that can be difficult for a new mom.

Imagine if you had to face morning sickness every day, or experience rapid mood changes due to hormonal changes.

You help and support will make your wife or girlfriend happy and with that you will make your baby happy as well.

Do not hesitate to help as much as you can around her.

Find out more about pregnancy through these 7 amazing facts!

We have prepared the following 7 amazing facts about pregnancy for you to find out. We also prepared a few pieces of advice following each fact about the ways that you can help your wife/girlfriend.

Maybe these facts will seem a bit weird now, but s you follow the pregnancy week by week you will see the changes for yourself!

No sex in the first trimester

During the first three months, sex can actually cause a damage. It is for the best to avoid sex during the first three months. This can cause some problems related to your intimacy and relationship. What you would want to do is not let that happen. There are many other ways that you can be intimate with your partner.

Heavy lifting can do a damage as well 

During the first three months especially as well as through the end of the pregnancy, you would want to help your partner when any kind of heavy lifting is involved.

That means helping around the house with cleaning, buying groceries and etc.

Hormonal changes cause mood changes   

You will soon notice some unexplained mood changes surrounding your partner. The last thing that you would want to do is make things harder.

You would want to help your partner by any means necessary. Spend some time with her, help her relax, give her a compliment or two once in a while.

There will be a lot of cravings

The recommended intake of calories will increase during pregnancy. You need to expect that there will be a lot of cravings which is why you need to make sure that you have all the favorite food around the house all the time.

And of course, make sure that tour partner is eating a lot of healthy food as well.

There will be a lot of body changes

On the one side you have bigger breasts, shiny hair, skin, and fingernails, but on the other hand you have the risk of flatulence, incontinence, unshaved body parts and etc.

The fact is that you will see a lot of changes. And you need to find a way to be comfortable with them. And of course, make your partner comfortable as well.

Birthing classes do help  

Take the time to join a birthing class together with your partner where you can learn everything that you can about giving birth.

Pregnancy is a stressful period as well 

Apart from being a wonderful experience, pregnancy increases the bar for stress as well. You need to learn how to cope with this stress and relax, both you are your partner. Do things together, you are partners after all aren’t you?


It is not only the new mom – to be that has to learn to live with morning sickness, mood changes, and constant cravings. The new dad – to have to live with these changes as well for the next nine months. Which is why it is so important to keep in mind that for the next nine months you would want to learn everything that there is about pregnancy and be there for your wife and child because you are already a dad. Make sure that you use this period to prepare yourself for what is coming in the future and embrace every single one of those changes that happen.

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  1. Panic is the most common stage of pregnancy. It occurs among pregnant women all the time. So, it's important for husbands to support their pregnant wife as much as possible during their pregnancy period.

    Fertility and Conception Support

  2. Hi nice informative blog ...
    Preganancy is responsibility for both mother and father so both should deal it with harmony by supporting eachother . Apart from precautions you suggested I would like to suggest few more suggestion to avoid pregnant couples
    2. Avoid sex in first trimester as well as in third trimester too.
    2. Do not lift heavy objects or do heavy work
    3. Do not travel long in first trimester unless it's very important
    4. And do not take any medication on your own from pharmacy in pregnancy .


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