How Jumping 10-Minutes A Day Can Make You Fit And Healthy

Did you know that jumping regularly has so many health benefits? Chance are, you did not. But don’t feel surprised at that as many among us are not aware about anyways.

We can’t believe that anything as simple as jumping can help us stay healthy and fit.

We had not believed it either had the same not be proved by a series of studies and researches in this aspect. Among them, a NASA studies in the early 70s perhaps proved the catalyst as it confirmed that jumping was indeed a beneficial exercise.

Jumping is fun and above all, it’s simple and does not involve any instrument. It’s a workout that suits people of all age groups, be it kids, teens or grown-ups. So start jumping to get fit and healthy with minimum fuss.

You should also know that -

Jumping is some three-time more beneficial than jogging or running

Jumping gives a boost to oxygenation to the cells in your body

When we jump, it has a positive effect on our G-force (the force created on the body due to acceleration or gravity)

It does not cause joint stress and that’s why it is more helpful that running in cement surfaces

Jumping involves all major muscle groups in the body and thus, helps the body as a whole

Health Benefits of Jumping
Jumping is perhaps the easiest and simplest exercise or workout to do on a daily basis and get lots of health benefits.

Here are some of those benefits -

Jumping does accelerate the pace of the lymph in the body and gives a boost to our lymphatic system

It helps in release of serotonin which is very helpful in fighting issues like stress and depression

It’s recommended by doctors in burn calorie and reduce body fat, which helps you have a slim body and fight off diabetes

Jumping gives aerobic effect for your heart and helps normalize blood pressure by preventing cardiovascular disease

When you jump, chances of obesity come down as the metabolism is stimulated

Jumping is very helpful in enhancing digestion and elimination process and it helps in relaxation as well

It keeps you away from a wide variety of pains including those in the neck, back, headache etc.

You can get yoga or meditation like calmness and benefits which often delivers superior mental performance

Those who jump on a regular basis are less likely to experience fatigue that the rest

It involves all major muscles in the act and thus, keeps your body flexible and supple

Studies have confirmed how jumping helps increase bone density and prevents arthritis

Jumping gives you improved coordination and you understand the body and its movements better

Jumping increases the white blood cells for 3 times and give a boost to your immunity system

You can fight the issue of weight with regular jumping and this is how you keep fit and get a toned body

In a nutshell, jumping is very beneficial workout and you should do it regularly to keep yourself fit and fine.

Author Bio:
Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. Currently, he is giving time to write for trampoline park UK


  1. For real? I work too hard sitting around doing real work and forget to jumo and exercise my body. After reading this, jumping is the ultimate next goals for me.


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