Top 10 Healthy DrinksFor Your Best Body

Trying to stay healthy without hitting the gym? Well, you needn’t worry much as you can do it with much ease. Wondering how? There are many health supplements that you will be tempted to try.

But, don’t! Instead, you should try some of the drinks that are completely natural and very healthy.

Here is a guide to the top 10 healthy drinks which you must try out and for what reasons.

Check these out and get inspired:

Green tea – One of the most popular beverages in the recent times, green tea is the best drink to detox your body.

Reason to drink – It reduces risk of cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. Green tea also has 0 calories which help you to lose the extra weight and this is one more reason to keep this drink on the top of your list.

Pomegranate juice – It has plenty of antioxidants that can keep you healthy and fit for years.

Reason to drink – A glass of pure pomegranate juice can keep heart diseases, inflammation and cancer away. Thus you will be able to remain young and healthy for long.

Cranberry juice – Filled with antibacterial properties, cranberry juice has the ability to fight urinary tract infections.

Reason to drink – Pure cranberry juice can protect you from periodontal disease. This drink can protect your gums from the harmful bacteria that tend to grow after eating food.

Orange juice – This is a very popular drink and something that you will want to drink every day. Drinking orange juice will give a perfect start to your day.

Reason to drink – Filled with quercetin and Vitamin C, orange juice will fight the seasonal allergies and keep your energized throughout the day.

Coconut water – Quite honestly, there is no alternative to drinking coconut water. Even sports trainers believe that there has not been any health drink that can substitute the qualities of coconut water.

Reason to drink – Coconut water has a high magnesium content that can revive the lost fluid of your body.

Beetroot juice – You may not like the taste initially, but it is very beneficial to maintain your overall health.

Reason to drink – Beetroot juice can boost your immunity system, increase stamina and lower the blood pressure.

Lemon juice – A glass of lemon juice a day will keep that extra fat away. Drinking lemon juice daily in empty stomach with lukewarm water is very healthy.

Reason to drink – In addition to making you slim, lemon juice can cleanse your liver and help in digestion as well.

Ginger tea – Another fantastic beverage, ginger tea that can be availed using the HealthKart is perfect for those who suffer from motion sickness quite often.

Reason to drink – Ginger tea is good for keeping upset stomach away. It relieves indigestion and nausea. Just add a few drops of honey to make it healthier.

Hot chocolate – Sounds surprising isn’t it? But it is true that hot chocolate is one of the healthiest of drinks that you can have.

Reason to drink – Filled with calcium, flavonoids and antioxidants, a cup of hot chocolate along with a spoon of cocoa powder will be best to keep cramps away.

Kale juice – Almost everyone knows about kale and its benefits in keeping one healthy. The dark leaves have the potential to keep you healthy and fat-free for a long time.

Reason to drink – Kale leaves have plenty of minerals and vitamins that can regulate your bowel movement and bone health.

Health drinks and drinks that are healthy are different. The above drinks are healthy and natural so are a must to be included in your daily diet. You will be greatly benefitted from these once you start drinking on a regular basis.

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