Top 9 Home Remedies for Kidney Infection

Kidneys play an essential role in human body. They filter and remove wastes (toxins) inside body to outside environment through other organs in renal system which includes urethras, bladder, and urethra.

Kidneys also limit the mineral and vitamin lost (such as sodium, potassium) by reabsorbing them.

Kidney infection is a disease which causes by the bacterial invasion in kidneys. Bacteria come from your bladder then they may invasive in a kidney or both kidneys.

Patient who suffers from kidney infection often feels painful, discomfort in lower back part. Sometimes you may have a high fever or weakness.

Therefore, kidney infection treatment is necessary and urgent. Normally, when you admitted to hospital, your doctor usually describes antibiotics and some painkillers.

Here are the home remedies for kidney infection that you can apply to combine with your doctor description and have your own prevention.

1. Drinking water

Do not forget drinking water everyday because water is the easiest and cheapest material that you have at home.

Water prevents the formation of kidney stones which are calcium and mineral deposition.

Drinking enough water per day is the most important way you need to do to have a healthy kidney.

2. Parsley juice

Parsley is the most effective method in kidney infection treatment. Parsley contains many nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C and some essential mineral like potassium or sodium which are necessary for the body.

Parsley juice works as a "detergent" which removes all toxics and refreshes the kidney as well as urinary system.

Parsley need to be cleaned before using. Let's have a parsley juice every day to repel kidney infection.

3. Probiotics

Probiotics are helpful microorganisms which stay in your intestinal system (normally they stay in your intestine).

Probiotics will promote intestinal health therefore supporting kidneys remove toxics and wastes as well as reduce the burden for kidney. Probiotics may be provided through daily diet like yogurt and supplement.

4. Ginger

Ginger is another effective method for kidney infection treatment. Known as a multi- benefits and popular herb, ginger also contains gingerols which is an essential component for inhibition bacteria spreading in kidneys.

You can serve a ginger tea as a medication for kidney infection treatment. It is better if we using in cold weather because it may cause hot inside body.

5. Herb tea

We already know that herb tea plays a very important role in our healthy life. Herb tea supports kidneys in removing wastes and toxics to the outside environment.

You can choose whatever herb tea to drink eve day but we suggest you should choose parsley tea or ginger tea which is useful for kidney infection treatment.

You should take those kinds of herb tea at least twice a day. Keep calm and have that herb tea.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric contains a valuable component named curcumin which is an anti- bacteria, anti- inflammation.

Curcumin inhibits the formation, development and growth of bacteria in kidney and whole body. Besides, turmeric promotes the rehabilitated process and heals damages that cause by bacteria.

Turmeric is an effective natural therapy to avoid kidney infection disease. You can mix pure turmeric flour with water to make a morning drink or mix with milk to have an energy drink.

7. Garlic

It is regrettable if we miss garlic in this list of home remedies for kidney infection. Garlic is known as a multi- therapy for many diseases because it contains Allicin. Allicin works as an anti- inflammatory, anti- bacterial chemical which extirpates bacteria and prevents them invasive or transferred from bladder to kidneys.
Allicin is also an antioxidant that is helpful in treatment some diseases. Eating a little garlic is effective for supporting kidney infection treatment.

8. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary for our immune system. It promotes our health, prevents diseases pervaded into our body and bacteria break our protective barrier. Vitamin C increases the acid concentration in kidneys resulting as bacteria can not develop and grow.

You may get vitamin C through citrus fruits or vitamin C supplement. But be careful with your stomach because getting too much vitamin C will damage your stomach.

9. Giving up smoking and alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol are hurts your kidneys and prevent rehabilitated process. Smoking and using alcohol will create more toxics for your body as well as your kidneys so that they have to work more even they are healthy or damaged.

Giving up smoking and alcohol today and have healthy kidneys.

Author Bio
Jelly Jeff  is a senior editor of AuthorityRemedies; that a website which is specialized in providing natural home remedies, tips and also nutrition facts to improve the well-beings.
She is a nurse but she keens to explore nutrition and fitness. In addition, she loves writing and doing research. She appreciates to be a good writer in nutrition.

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