Five Tips To Help You Defeat Summer Fatigue

Endless sunshine, balmy evenings and spending time outdoors are just a few reasons why most of us love the summer so much. 

What we don’t enjoy however, it the lethargic, sleepy feeling that the heat can leave us with on a daily basis.  If the relentless heat is making you feel out of energy and full of fatigue, try these top snooze-busting tips to help you defeat that summer sleepy feeling.

1. Drink More Water 

Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and all of our vital organs need water to function properly.  If you are are feeling very fatigued during the warmer months, chances are you could actually be dehydrated. 

Sweating it out on sweltering days causes our bodies to lose water and slowly start to shut down, making us feel tired, sluggish and irritable. Keep those feelings at bay by ensuring that you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. 

Have a bottle of water close by at all times during the summer to help you feel refreshed and hydrated.

2. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables

Eating hot, carb-laden lunches can make us feel a little sleepy at any time of year. When the weather is hot, that full feeling can lead to painful water retention and bloating and deplete us of energy. 

A cool crisp salad not only makes a light and refreshing meal, it also helps to boost your vitamin intake.  If you find that fresh fruit and veg leave you feeling hungry, add some energy boosting and nutritional dense extras like quinoa, avocado, kale, lentils or grilled meat or fish to keep you going.

3.  Get a good nights sleep

This may sound like a misnomer when our bedrooms turn into sweat boxes during the summer,  but getting a full 8 hours (at least) is the key to keeping fresh and awake the next day. 

Take a tepid bath or shower before bed, drink some water and try to create a cross breeze in your bedroom if you can.  Stick with cool cotton sheets when it is hot, and you can even chill a top sheet in the freezer before you hit the hay, providing you with a lovely cool cocoon to slip into.

4.  Be prepared

Even simple tasks can feel overwhelming when the weather is hot.  Sweaty commutes can be exhausting, exercising outside can wear you out and even your day to day housework can make you feel like you are wading through soup. 

Instead of slogging it out, try to limit your exposure to the heat instead.  Stay in the shade, take siestas if you can, and reschedule unnecessary chores and tasks to the cooler hours of the evening instead.

Work smarter not harder, and re-balance your priorities so that you can enjoy the weather without it wearing you down.

5. Take a nutritional supplement that will help you fight fatigue, naturally

Natural supplements can help us feel our best all year round.  Nootropics in particular can enhance our brain health and cognitive function and improve our memory and mental clarity, making us feel more alert and awake, no matter how hot it is outside.

A healthy diet, a small amount of exercise and a good Nootropic supplement can help us to enjoy the summer weather without suffering from the exhausting effects of fatigue.

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