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If you are a doctor, medical personnel, health blogger, marketer, journalist or a writer you can contribute sponsored articles and ideas to be used or published on this blog for a stipend.

Please note, in order for your article to be accepted, you must adhere to these guidelines below:

*. Your article must be long enough to be called a blog article and must be original and free from plagiarism. The length of your article must be the 500 words minimum. We don't accept spin articles.

*. You are allowed to add advertising link to an article. You are also allowed to link to your website in between article.(Paid/sponsored articles)

*. You must add your author bio below your article which must include a social media account (facebook, twitter or google plus). All external links to your website or blog must also be added in the author info.

*. You can write promotional articles, infographics or press conference release, just ensure your articles are well written and understandable to our reader.(Paid/Sponsored Article)

* Articles are written by YOU and published by US. If you require us to write for you, it will be at an additional fee.

*. Healthliveblog accepts only Paid/Sponsored guest post for a stipend of $60 per article. Your articles, with its relevant links will stay on our website for a lifetime. cool right?

* Payments must be received via PayPal before your article(s) go live on our website.

Examples of Paid Guest Post

Medicinal Marijuana – Does it work?

Preventive Measures For Stretch Marks

How To Stay Fit in Your 60's The Master Athlete Way

5 Ways to Deal with Male Menopause (Low Testosterone)

Food That Increases Sperm Count

All articles should be submitted to healthliveblog1@gmail.com with subject as 'Paid Guest Post'. 

Please do not use subject "Paid Guest Post" if it isn't as our admin will trash your article instantly.

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